Black Currant Oil

Used since the Middle Ages, the black currant contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are
needed by the body to keep it strong and healthy. The oil has also been considered to be effective in healing a variety of illnesses.

Black currant oil can be used for the following:

Skin Disorders

A number of skin disorders are superficial, but whether they are serious or not doesn’t remove the fact that they can greatly reduce your
self-confidence. Worse, if they are caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi, they may return often.

However, based on a study led by Dr. Andrew Weil, black currant oil has proven itself to work in several skin diseases, including psoriasis and eczema.
You can also find a lot of shampoos that are enriched with such said oil since it can also decrease or even eliminate plenty of hair issues, such as
dandruff, dryness, thinness, and split ends.

Cardiovascular Problems

A special component of black currant oil, GLA or gamma-linoleic acid, is chiefly responsible for the maintaining cardiovascular health. It can dilate
the blood vessels in the body, allowing the proper flow of blood. It also works alongside free radicals, which can negatively affect your immunity.

Note, though, that the fatty acid found in black currant oil is omega 6. Though it’s still useful, you don’t need a lot of it. An imbalance of both
omega 3 and omega 6 may only worsen the bad condition of the body, promoting, among others, inflammation.


Usually, when you say inflammation, the first thing that comes into mind is that red protruding mound you can see on your skin, like acne. Though this
is a type of inflammation, this problem can affect all parts of the body and may even be dangerous. For example, a brain inflammation may lead to
death. Inflammation of the joints can render you immobile for a period or even for the rest of your life.

Fortunately, black currant oil is effective in greatly reducing inflammation. If you want to get away with the side effects of anti-inflammatory pills,
even steroids, you can take in the oil on a regular basis. Or you can use it as an adjunct to you conventional drugs.