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Black Currant Oil

Used since the Middle Ages, the black currant contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body to keep it strong and healthy. The oil has also been considered to be effective in healing a variety of illnesses. Black currant oil can be used for the following: Skin Disorders A number […]

Black Currant Liqueur

Prepare Your Very Own Black Currant Liqueur If you’re looking for a good plant for your backyard, you may want to consider having a black currant bush—nothing is ever wasted with it. The leaves can be used to flavour tea, while the seeds can be processed so you can obtain the oil. The oil, on […]

Black Currant Jelly

This blackcurrant jelly recipe is the result of many attempts, but I’ve managed to find a process that yields predictable results! Blackcurrant Jelly For this recipe your will need these ingredients: 4 cups black currants 4 cups water 2 cups granulated sugar 2 large saucepans A jelly bag 6 sterilized jars (6 oz. each) A […]

Black Currant Jam

This delicious blackcurrant jam is a renowned “secret” recipe used in the early 1800 by English grandmothers! I have actually tried 4 different recipes, and this one beats them all. Best of all, this blackcurrant jam is one of easiest and fastest to make. Blackcurrant Jam Recipe For this recipe the ingredients you will need […]